Saturday, December 10, 2005

Horror of horrors
Earlier this evening after I got home from Greenbelt where I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, my sister called me from Davao. She suddenly remembered winning a few gift certificates and wanted me to check their expiration dates.

1. Legend Villas
This entitles the bearer to an overnight accommodation for two in a Villa Suite Room with Buffet Breakfast.

2. Sand Castles, Boracay
This entitles bearer inclusive of three days and two nights deluxe room accommodation for 2 persons only.

Guess what.

Gift certificate no. 1 valid till December 9, 2005.
Gift certificate no. 2 valid till December 12, 2005.

Oh nooooo.

Hmmm well.

With things as hectic and toxic as they have been since August with my sister practically living in Davao for 2 weeks every month, I figure we would never have gone anyway.

But still.

Allow me to just scream out in frustration.


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