Saturday, April 29, 2006

So how was your week?
Well not that anybody asked me that question but what the heck I will post about it. So that in the near or distant future when I have nothing better to do than to browse through the archives of my blog I will have an entry for this past week. Then I'll tell myself geez is that it, how boring?! Heh

  • I paid the usual monthly bills - the sky rocketing electricity (Meralco), the-spaces-to-park-2-cars dues and the I-can't-live-without-Internet accounts.
  • My sister and I had a very sumptuous lunch at Cafe Adriatico, Eastwood City in Libis. She had the delicious Cafe Adriatico steak while I had the mouth-watering-it-melts-in-your-palate Lengua. We had to discuss something quite important which has the potential to change our lives forever. It is a need to know basis subject and frankly you don't need to know what it is, right now. Teehee!
  • One I-don't-want-to-cook evening, we ordered take out from Almond Marina. Our favorite sandwich - their California Roast Turkey with French Fries.

  • I burned our Boracay pictures into a CD.
  • I downloaded whole albums from Limewire.
    Il Divo's self titled album and their Ancora album. Andrea Bocelli's Amore album as well as the OST of RENT the Musical.

  • I actually stayed awake to watch a horror flick. As well as survive through a chick lit movie without uttering a single sarcastic comment nor rolling my eyes in disbelief.

  • I updated my contacts/friends' addresses online over at this cool website.

  • Naturally, I caught my favorite TV programs:
    American Idol -> yay, Kellie "what is a cameo?" Pickler is gone! If you watched Jay Leno's show last night, you will know what I mean by that monicker "What is a cameo?" Gosh, she's dumb!
    The Amazing Race -> Fran & Barry were the last team to check into the pit stop somewhere in the land down under, Australia.
    Survivor: Exile Island -> lunatic Courtney the Fire Dancer was voted out by her tribe mates and she didn't even see it coming her way!
    Gilmore Girls -> Lorelei & Rory are still not on speaking terms!
    Grey's Anatomy -> I love, adore and worship Patrick Dempsey! Here's an article about the show.
    LOST -> very spooky now yet still riveting to watch.
    CSI: New York -> Gary "Lieutenant Dan" (his Forrest Gump character) Sinise rocks!
    CSI: Las Vegas -> this week's episode was about a hirsute almost werewolf like human being's murder.
    NYPD Blue -> to end my telly viewing week with its believable crime ridden New York City cop stories.

  • Now I leave you with this image:

    Optical Illusion

    Can you see why this painting is called optical illusion ? You may not see it at first, but the white spaces read the word optical, the blue landscape reads the word illusion.
    See for yourself!

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