Thursday, May 04, 2006

Daily Grind
New month so I'm back to my routine.
That is "trying" to finish all my assignments in this heat infested little hole I call my work station.
Tedious boring work, I tell ya but heck I got bills to pay.
Mostly I'm in my zombie mode.
I wake up going "what day is it today? Wednesday? Oh wait it's already Thursday ... Merde!"
At least a life altering 'crisis' was averted.
So that's reassuring, for now.
It gave me freaking ulcers.
I got my gastric juices flowing which resulted in really painful stomach spasms attacks. Big Ouch!
Thank God for herbal tea.
I can just imagine how cranky I will be this month once my PMS session kicks in.
That would be a blast! NOT!

What is the real purpose of this post?
Nothing really.
I needed to gripe, gripe and gripe some more.

The End!

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