Monday, May 29, 2006

Gift giving
I had a rather mellow weekend. In fact, too mellow all I did was eat sineguelas, read a book and sleep. I even skipped the customary Sunday brunch with my parents at their place.
I'm a lazy poke, yes I am!

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday.
The procrastinator that I am, I still don't have any gift for her. But the practical side in me always ask the recipient what they want. So I don't end up roaming the malls, hurting my feet, dashing all over the shops for gifts. Of course, my mother being the humble soul told me she doesn't want nor need anything, really.
Well that simply won't do!
After prying and probing and bombarding her with a million questions, she relented and told me a few essential items, she is now in short supply of.
Voila. Problem solved! I know exactly what to get her for her natal day and exactly where to find it and which mall to go to later, today.
Aren't I the clever one?

This idea of mine stems from the fact that I am pretty indecisive. (Along with being lazy yet practical, a procrastinator and a clever soul). I remember several years ago I asked my smarty pants ex ex BF what he wanted for his birthday.
He blurts out ... "A BMW Roadster"
I naturally replied back ... "I can't effing afford that!"
He goes ... "Well duh you asked, didn't you?"

So not to be outsmarted because I'm such an argumentative (yes another adjective to describe myself, just indulge me ok?) brat, I went to Toys R Us. I bought him a shiny red toy BMW roadster wrapped it in a box with a big ribbon.


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