Thursday, May 18, 2006

Reality TV
The Hippies won the Amazing Race after crossing 5 continents, going to 9 countries (Brazil, Russia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Oman, Australia, Thailand, Japan) and traveling over 60,000 miles. Tatow!!

I was rooting for Terry but Aras got the bragging rights as the ultimate Survivor: Exile Island winner. A few venomous remarks from Shane and Courtney at the final Tribal Council, pretty predictable that Danielle wasn't going to win and the hidden Immunity Idol didn't even come into play so it was a blah finale. But heck, yes I will stay tuned for the next installment in this franchise -> Survivor: Cook Islands!

Next week on American Idol, the singing battle begins between Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks.
All I can say is go ... Soul Patrol ... Go! =)

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