Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another World Cup post
Yes to my 3 loyal readers out there, you better just get used to the fact that I am going to keep blogging about the FIFA World Cup as it unfolds in Germany.

So you can either read on.

Or read another blog which talks about more important stuff.

But if you are kind enough to loiter, then thanks! =)

Alright now on to the World Cup.
Last night or rather early morning here in Manila, I was glued to the TV once again. Solar Plus mercifully broadcasted the France vs Togo match live at 3 A.M.
The first half saw my Frenchies players try then miss. Try again and miss yet again for about 8 times to score a goal past the Togolese goalkeeper, Agassa. It was quite a thrill to watch him save all those attempts.
I was getting an ulcer because I knew that France had to win by 2 clear goals to progress to the second round.
Half time - it was time for me to empty my full bladder which was about to explode. I don't dare go during the game in case I missed all the action of offsides, free kicks, tackles, any yellow cards being shown and of course any precious goal.
Second half - French Coach Domenech stuck to the same line up. Thierry Henry, David Trezeguet even Franck Ribery continued their onslaught attack towards the goal. I was already getting soooo frustrated. Blah!
Then birthday boy and current captain (Zisou Zidane who was also celebrating his 34th birthday was suspended for this game) Patrick Vieira, 30 years old yesterday FINALLY scored the first goal for France.
Then in a span of 6 minutes, Vieira made a vital pass to Thierry Henry whose foot kicked the second goal in for France.

Allez Les Blues

So France managed to avoid any form of embarrassment by NOT being eliminated from the World Cup. Next Tuesday, France goes head to head with Spain.
But till then I'm just really relieved France made it worthwhile for me to stay up till 5:30 A.M. Phew! All these sleepless nights just to watch 10 guys in shorts chase around a ball to score against two goalkeepers. I ain't complaining at all! But kudos also go to Togo for a good game. They didn't relent, they really played well against the 1998 World Cup champions.

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