Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I got tagged by Single Guy
Four jobs I would really stink at:
1) Pilipino Teacher - My family always laughs at me when I mix up the conjugation of verbs in Tagalog.
2) Nanny/Yaya - I don't have any patience nor tolerance for kids, I might end up crying like a baby from frustration.
3) Taxi Driver - for the simple reason that I don't know how to drive, I will forever be a back seat driver.
4) Tech Support - I would just shout at the customers for being so freaking stupid.

Four pretend monickers I'll never live up to:
1) Miss Spic n Span - cleaning is not my forte.
2) Miss Adventurous - I'm not willing to try anything new. Even getting me to taste a new flavor of ice cream is an obstinate task.
3) Miss Shopaholic - I'm not patient enough to shop till I drop.
4) Miss Ambitious - I don't aim for anything, never did.

Four movies I will NEVER watch again, ever:
1) Solaris - George Clooney's little outer space adventure. Zzzzzz.
2) Dumb and Dumberer - I watched this with a date. They (the movie and the guy) were both stupid!
3) The Exorcist - Linda Blair's demonic possessions, her head turning around in 180 degrees. It permanently scared me off horror movies.
4) Crash - Take note the one by David Cronenberg. A film about people who get off from watching people who are injured or perish in car accidents. Totally sick and perverted fetish.

Four places that I would NEVER live in:
1) New Zealand - there are more sheep than people there. I'm more of a city gal.
2) Siberia - I love cold climates but freezing my tiny butt off for long periods of time is certainly not pleasant.
3) Japan - Lost in Translation in a materialistic haven. Ugh!
4) USA - the American dream? No, thanks.

4 Things I HATE to do on my weekends:

1) Clean the house
2) Go to crowded malls
3) Cook
4) Watch a movie in a jampacked cinema

Four TV shows I used to geek out to:
1) Battlestar Gallactica
2) Charlie's Angels - when Jacklyn Smith left the series, I stopped watching.
3) The Wonder Years
4) Hill Street Blues

Four cigarette (or liquor) brands I've tried and enjoyed:
(I don't smoke)
1) Carlsberg Beer
2) Corona Light
3) Foster Light Ice (Australian beer)
4) Ouzo (Greek drink)

Yeah, I'm a beer guzzling brat!

Four things I CAN live without:
1) Hot Weather
2) Bills
3) Cigarettes
4) Credit cards

Four of my favorite cholesterol laden foods:
1) Dinuguan
2) Crispy Pata
3) Taba ng Alingue
4) Chicharon

Four places I would rather be in right NOW
(if I had the money that is):

1) Paris, France
2) Florence, Italy
3) Bali, Indonesia
4) Any stadium in Germany for the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2006.

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