Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup Fever
I guess I'm a select few who is caught up in the frenzy of the FIFA World Cup in Germany.
I watch all the features about it.
On different channels like CNN, BBC, Solar Entertainment, DW TV (Germany), TV 5 (France) even Arirang (Korea).
I catch a few matches on Solar Channel.
That is when they decide to broadcast them.
Usually the games are shown a day behind.
The live matches are on channel 67 of my TV.
But it is pay for view (you pay P6000 for all the games) I get clear audio but the visual is scrambled.
I listen for a few minutes till the distorted pictures give me a headache. Then I switch the TV off because it's already 4 A.M.

Here are some of my observations:
1) Familiar names and faces have moved on to being coaches. Juergen Klinsmann for Germany and Marco Van Basten for Holland.
2) Ghana was a revelation. They really rallied and gave Italy a fair fight. They continuously attacked and tested the impenetrable Italian defense.
3) The Azzuris (Italians) are in good form. I noticed most of the players have shaved heads. Cannavaro, Totti and even Del Piero are sporting the "Jarhead" look.
4) There is a big controversy about the ball being designed in a different way. It makes it harder for the goal keepers to catch.
5) I still don't like the English team, never did. :D
6) I like the all yellow outfits of the Swedish team. They look like giant bananas in perfect contrast with the green soccer field.
But why oh why did Henrik Larssen shave off his gorgeous dreadlocks??? He still has a beautiful face, though. ;)
7) Ronaldo looks fat and sluggish. Brazil seemed a bit off their game but maybe it is just a warm up and we can expect a lot more from them.
8) Zisou Zidane, Thierry Henry and Fabian Barthez are still in top shape and playing for Les Blues (France). Yay!
9) The game has really evolved with the help of modern technology. Now we can see instant replays from different angles. The referees are armed with a device attached to their jaw and earphones so they can communicate.

Ooops France vs Switzerland is now on.
Allez la France!

I'm logging off.

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