Friday, June 30, 2006

Late at night when all the world is sleeping
I'm here online blogging from my room in Linden Suites.
That's my sister's laptop.

Linden Suites

Yesterday (Thursday) sister dearest and I checked in around 3pm.
We relaxed in the indoor jacuzzi which is located at the health club on the 9th floor. We soaked in bubbly warm water until hunger pangs set in.
And also the skin on our fingers turned pruney.
Then we ordered pizza delivered to our room.
I took a long bath. The bathtub filled with lukewarm water.
As if, I didn't just spend hours soaked in water. Heh!
Well there are two things I always take advantage of when I stay in hotels => Hot water and a bathtub.
A luxury I cannot afford at my crammy condo unit.
Then we capped the night with a late dinner at Azzurro.
The Greek restaurant located on the second floor of Linden Suites.
I had Ravioli stuffed with spinach for appetizer.
A Horiatiki Greek salad for my main course.
A nice blend of tomato based sauce for the ravioli and the feta cheese with vinaigrette for the salad left a pleasant taste for my palette.

I think that all these sleepless nights has totally messed up my body clock.
It is already 2:50 AM and I am wide awake.
But this image is so inviting.

Suite 1706

I better just lie down and try to sleep a bit.
I have about 4 hours before the health club opens at 6 A.M.
Yes, you guessed it right.
I'm going back to the jacuzzi before I check out at noon, today.

Oh by the way, excuse the blurry pictures.
I used my cellphone for the shots.
I will post more pictures taken with my digicam.
In our hurry to rush over here to the Linden Suites, I forgot the cable that connects the digicam to the laptop.
Maybe next week when I get back to my place.

Signing off from Room 1706 of the Linden Suites! =)

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