Friday, June 30, 2006

An unwritten rule
I'm back at my parents' place for the weekend.
We just broke our no-Internet-chez-parents rule.
Because you see, we both work at home.
We both have our little work stations.
Most of the time we are always online.
So our deal was to go Internet less, whenever we visit the parents.
To break away the monotony of being 'connected' all the time.
But sis has a deadline by Sunday.
We came straight here after checking out of Linden Suites.
She gets to file her story.
I get to blog.
We will leave it at that.

World Cup
Games scheduled for tonight are Germany vs Argentina at 11 pm.
Italy vs Ukraine at 3 am (Saturday)
Boy oh boy I hope Italy wins.
Or I might not see his Gorgeous Highness play again.


For the uninitiated, that's Fabio Cannavaro.
The Italian defender who is also the captain of team Italia.
No, he doesn't play naked, unfortunately.
And neither was I surfing the Internet for naked pictures of football players.
My sister forwarded the above image to my inbox.
If you thought I was a World Cup freak, you're wrong.
My sister is the bigger World Cup fanatic.
She reads every World Cup related news on the Internet.
Then she proceeds to pepper me with trivia of the players while we watch the games live from the comfort of our parents' couch.

A true Linden Suites story
Our room was located on the 17th floor.
You need to insert the key into a slot just below the numbers inside the elevator to reach the executive floors.
This morning after breakfast, we went to the jacuzzi.
We soaked for about 1 hour then had to go back to our room from the 9th floor where the health club is located.
My sister inserts the key. Then she pressed 17.
The freaking elevator won't move.
A message kept repeating 'Insert key to gain access to executive floors'
Or something to that effect, I wasn't paying attention.
After several tries, the elevator closes and it descends to the ground floor.
Door opens and tata!
We had this deer caught in the headlights look on our face as a bunch of Japanese businessmen in suits entered the elevator.
We tried to do the whole insert key into slot scenario again, it won't work.
So we went out to the reception area to have our key checked.
I looked like a ragged doll in the oversized bathrobe.
The hotel slippers were too big for my tiny feet.
And worse my curly hair was dripping wet.
To say that I was embarrassed is an understatement.
The worst thing though is that I couldn't stop laughing.
I have this tendency to giggle a lot when I'm nervous.
So you can imagine the giggle fit I had this morning.

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