Saturday, June 17, 2006

Situation # 2334 a guy might come in handy
Normally I stay in during Saturdays and Sundays to avoid the maddening crowd at malls.
Today, I ventured out for the following reasons:
  • A dermatologist appointment.
  • A quick trip to AAP (Automobile Association of the Philippines) to get my sister's car registration papers.
  • Lunch at my parents' place. To my utter delight I found out that their Japanese channel broadcasts live World Cup games. Yay! I'd probably spend the quarterfinals week over there.
  • We went to the Shang Cineplex to watch another French film ("Nouvelle France") which was entirely in English.
  • Grocery shopping

  • Suffice to say it was a long day and I'm exhausted.
    We got back home, parked the car then had one last item to do before we could rest our weary bodies.
    Place the new '06 car stickers on the license plate of the car.
    A rather simple task:
    1) Take off screws of the plastic cover both front and back.
    2) Place aforementioned stickers.
    3) Reattach plastic covers

    So why did it take us almost 2 hours?
    Because the lighting was pretty bad, the tiny screws kept falling on the floor, the little flashlight needed new batteries, the first time we reattached the plastic covers the screws won't fit.

    Times like that I wished we had some willing human of the male variety to help us with such "manly" tasks.

    Or do we?

    We did get it done, after all. =)

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