Friday, June 16, 2006

Pleasant distractions
Aside from the normal work load and the usual errands (grocery shopping, bills payments, bank transactions) this past week has been mainly consumed with zombie like tendencies towards 2 things:
1) Watching French movies at the Edsa Shang Cineplex.
2) FIFA World Cup.

Factor in the fact that I've been pigging out way too much by eating out almost daily (Little Asia in Greenhills, Teriyaki Boy, House of Minis [steaks], Jollibee). Then because I'm so matakaw, I stuff myself with Boy Bawang corniks while watching the games.

I get by on few hours of sleep.
I feel my jeans tighten from overeating.

I'm also hoarse from cheering on my favorite teams.
I dream in French with English subtitles.
That is, if I do remember le reve when I wake up.

Throughout the numerous things that beg for my short attention span, I find comfort in looking at my computer's wallpaper. A picture I took of the Koi pond at the Boracay Regency hotel, last April. It momentarily relaxes me amidst the mayhem and chaotic aura of my soul.

Koi pond, Boracay Regency hotel

Yes this is nothing but a vain attempt to post a picture with my blog entry. Nice picture though, n'est pas? =)

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