Sunday, July 02, 2006

Early morning sunshine
2:45 am => I wake up to find out that our cable TV is out. According to the tech support, there is a brownout at their cable/satellite location.
*insert curse word here*

3:00 am => I log on to the Internet to read the play by play of the France vs Brazil game. My sister's laptop keeps hanging. I need to reboot several times during the course of the live match cast *insert more curse words here*

4:00 am => Half time, the score is still 0 - 0. I make myself some breakfast and drink coffee as I check the TV again. Still nothing!
*insert French curse word here*

5:00 am => Game is over, the unconquerable defending champion Brazil team is defeated. France won by 1 goal scored by Thierry Henry from a brilliant pass from Zisou Zidane. Woohooo. I totally adore Zidane in fact I loveeeee the guy. Teeeheee! He truly deserves to be voted man of the match.

I'm smiling, there is a cool crisp morning breeze, the sun is about to rise.

Les Blues
Congratulations Les Blues. Vive l'equipe France.

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