Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Aquatic Date(s)
Despite the slight drizzle, I was on time (4pm) at the appropriate place (SM Mall of Asia) for my rendezvous with these guys :D

Jello (sea lion)

Jumbo (sea lion)
I told you it was raining so he had an umbrella

These bottlenosed dolphins if I heard correctly
are named Tutti and Frutti

They regaled me with their fancy tricks

Their acrobatic moves

They played ball

Awww look they even waved goodbye with their tails
at the end of the hour long show.

They were so cute, I felt like a kid again. I was so happy to see them.
I had (still do) this fascination with dolphins. I went through a phase where I collected dolphin stuff like keychains, magnets, posters and ornaments. You can still catch them at the SM Mall of Asia till the 7th of January. Ticket prices are P300 for regular and P400 for patron seats. You can bring cameras and video cams but they enforce a strict policy of no flashes allowed while you take the pictures. These mammals are very sensitive to sudden burst of light. It causes them to spasm and in the process they get disoriented and they might hurt their trainers. So refrain from using the flash feature on your cameras. But this being the Philippines and Filipinos being so hard headed some "parents" still didn't listen. Tsk tsk tsk!

But everyone had a jolly fun time! =)

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