Monday, February 05, 2007

Note to self
Remember to always draft your post on a notepad, first.
Then cut and paste it on your blog to be published.
In order to avoid extreme bouts of stress when the lengthy review you wrote till your eyes bled vanished into thin air, not once but twice!
You saved the darn post, took a refreshing shower while the slow connection took ages to publish. Then much to your horrified self discover an error message on your monitor staring back at you! Your screams are heard all the way in Laguna. You try to re-gather your train of thoughts but your brain has melted like ice cream. You write a haphazard one to compensate but feel it lacks panache. You blame the slow connection. You blame your slow computer. When the only one to blame in this situation is yourself. You are such an idiot who keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again simply because you insist on composing directly on the template.
Now breathe in, inhale sharply.
Breathe out. Gather your senses.
Log off and treat your parents to their wedding anniversary lunch.

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