Friday, April 13, 2007

Freaky Friday
Today is Friday the 13th, I'm not a superstitious person but there are certain aspects in this vast merciless universe which cannot fully be explained.

"Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth."

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Since "to see is to believe" here are some photographic evidence. These two pictures were taken by my sister in Corregidor. The location is the bombed out hospital and the remnants of the barracks.
Note: the lens on the digicam wasn't dirty, it wasn't drizzling that night nor were the pictures altered in any form.

We all know that countless souls perished in that island during the second World War. If you are so inclined, there is even a ghost hunting night tour. I believe they take you to the tunnels, the hospital and the barracks where you feel some unseen presence lurking in the background. Now, that's enough to send chills up my spine and make the few hairs on my neck stand up.


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