Thursday, April 12, 2007

TIMEly changes
For as long as my forgetful mind can remember, we've always had TIME Magazine (along with Reader's Digest) in our house. In fact I am running out of precious space in this loft to store all the past editions. Yes, I have disposed some issues since we move residence a lot but there is still a considerable amount of them left neatly stacked in boxes. Boxes scattered all over this limited space I call home.

I have always liked the way the informative articles were presented in its layout. I knew where each section was located in its pages. Countless times, the photographs within its pages have moved me beyond words. I've developed this habit of reading the last page of the magazine first then make my way to the more serious articles located in the front section. But much to my chagrin, its March 19 or is it March 26 (I told you I'm forgetful) issue underwent major changes. The different sections have been re-arranged. The whole magazine has a completely new look. It has the feel of a website which was literally printed out in publication form. The pictures seem to have shrank in size. The unwritten Internet rule "Content is King" has taken over. Its layout is more text (smaller print too) based. I guess that in view of the ever changing technology now available, it is fitting for TIME to make some changes if they wanted to remain afloat in the very competitive publication world.


I want my old TIME back.

It just doesn't feel the same now. Maybe I am getting on in years and my eyesight isn't as clear as before (well OK so it was never clear since I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old) but the font is too small, I end up squinting when I read. I know I need to simply adjust to the new look. I actually look forward to getting a new copy every week --- to find some free time between doing a million things everyday to browse through its pages --- that TIMEly feeling (for me) is priceless.

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