Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another thank you note
Hi someone (who shall still remain nameless),

As usual I had a great time, yet again.
The petite halo halo wasn't our first choice but rather than going all the way to SM Mall of Asia, Chow King at Megamall will do, for now. I'm glad you didn't mind when I picked out all the langka from my bowl and transferred it to your bowl. You know I hate jack fruit.
I'm sorry to hear that the sound system at the cinema gave you a headache after we watched "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." Frankly the film was confusing because too much was going on perhaps it's because I hardly remember Pirates part 2. But Jack Sparrow is still such a hoot to watch. He cracks me up with his shenanigans.
Dinner at Max's Fried Chicken was yummy. Yes I don't eat the wings part of the chicken, I know I tend to waste food, my bad.
I thank thee for sharing a cab with me, dropping me off at my place even if it is way out of your route. You really don't have to do that, you know? I'm a big girl well not big big but ok I will stop whining.
One thing though, I sincerely wish you would let me pay for something, anything when we go out on dates. I hate to have to 'argue' with you when it's time to settle the bill. Hopefully you will compromise the next time we go out again. I sincerely hope there is a next time. I had fun! =)


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