Friday, May 25, 2007

Tutti Fruitti
There is this certain period in my early childhood which seems like a distant and very blurry memory. The time from my birth till I was about 4 years old. The time when we lived in a two storey tiny apartment in Manuguit Street somewhere within the deep bowels of Manila. The time when both my parents were still working together at a certain agency of the government. The time when I was a precocious yet cute child with a funny page boy haircut, a bulging tummy who insisted on carrying a handbag when we went out during weekends. It was also the time when (according to my mother) I ate a lot of local fruits. But as I mentioned earlier I honestly don't have a vivid memory of those good old days.

Since we came home for good in 2001, I've been rediscovering my love for some of our local fruits. I've always had a sweet addiction with the Saging (Banana), the Pinya (Pineapple) and of course the Mangga (Mango). I love them. Through some flashback episodes, I've adjusted my sensitive palette to eating Lanzones, Sineguelas (Spanish Plum) and Sinkamas. They now count among my favorite local fruits. There are always abundant supply of these fruits in my kitchen when they are in season.

On the other hand, I don't like Atis (Custard Apple). Even if my mother insists that as a child I used to devour them, greedily. I must have probably swallowed one of its seeds so I've blocked out any happy memory of savoring this very seedy local fruit. Oh please don't get me started on Langka (Jack Fruit), I can't stand its taste. So much so that whenever I eat Halo Halo I purposely take this fruit out before I indulge in this summery treat. I was inspired to write this post while munching on a few crunchy Sineguelas on this rainy Friday evening. =)

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