Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quoi de Neuf? (What's new?)
How do I expect to reach my 1000th post within this year if I don't blog every day, right?

Silly me.

I can always blame this humid weather. My melted brain cells cannot function well, but I won't.
I can wink and say I've been out dating someone.who.shall.remain.nameless, every day. But unfortunately, I'm not. So let's just move along and not gossip, OK?
I could probably shift the blame to CTU. The Counter Terrorist Unit which has been invading my TV set every night via my ehem bootleg copy of the entire series "24". I'm currently up to my eyeballs and totally engrossed in season 4. I still got 2 adrenaline rush seasons to go. But that isn't a valid excuse either, it merely proves I'm such a couch potato head.
Plans are afloat though for my mother's grand celebration of her 70th birthday next week but I don't want to post about that right now. Heh!

So what excuse can I come up with?
None, really.
This is just my thinking out loud nonsensical post for today. =)

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