Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rough Draft
The problem with being too dependent on the computer for practically everything - one forgets how to write legibly with a pen and paper. Mid afternoon yesterday, the whole condo experienced a sudden brownout. I found myself in a dark room, sweating like crazy in the midst of composing a review. Thus I was forced to grab a pen and paper to write a draft of my film review of "Fracture" while it was still fresh in my clouded mind. The thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling about a seemingly perfect murder. No, it isn't a medical drama because someone.who.shall.remain.nameless. jokingly asked if the film was being sponsored by an orthopedic hospital. Yes, he's funny that way! =)
Anyway, there I was jotting down some points on paper, sitting in my sister's office (which is far brighter with natural sunlight), fanning myself with a big abaniko fan, dripping buckets of sweat - then it occurred to me - wow my thoughts about the film free flowed effortlessly and poured out in writing. In fact I also wrote this post by hand on another piece of paper. Yes, I was on a roll!

Never mind that I couldn't decipher my own handwriting afterwards. Never mind that my left hand was numb from furiously fanning myself. Never mind that the paper got stained with my salty sweat. It was a revelation to me. Wow! I could actually write clearly with nothing but the sound of the noisy generator from the building, the light breeze from the window and my mind totally devoid of any distractions.
After an hour of misery, the electricity returned so I dashed into the shower to refresh myself. Then I switched the radio on, its volume full blast because it was too freaking quiet for my sanity.

Thankfully I had already finished my drafts, by then.


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