Friday, June 08, 2007

Computer Woes
Little Neo as I affectionately call my CPU threw a tantrum yesterday morning. She won't start much to my chagrin. Well she starts alright but for some reason, she won't load Windows!!! Ergo, I'm computer less and Internet less now.


Since I'm the ultimate procrastinator, after huffing and puffing trying to troubleshoot it myself (as if I knew how I might have made it worse, who knows?) I gave up! I simply let bratty Little Neo rest and have her tantrum. Thank God for film festivals and a weekend date with DF*, I have pleasant distractions to occupy my Internet less time. =)

*He who shall remain nameless will now be known as DF.
DF are his initials but for anonymity's sake, DF would stand for Da Friend!
Fair enough, right? ;-)

Logs off from Internet Cafe.

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