Sunday, June 10, 2007

An appreciation note
Dear DF,

Yesterday was our 3rd date. I'm glad you agreed to let me treat you this time. Let's call it your back to school treat.
Alright granted that the film we watched was free admission. Yes I was disappointed it wasn't a French film. I was surprised they showed the Tagalog version of the March of the Penguins with Sharon Cuneta narrating the story. Blah! I so wanted you to be able to hear French spoken in cinematic form. You always sound so eager to learn some French words even though I laugh every time you try to pronounce them properly.
The pork barbecue with Java rice was yummy. You are such a tease joking that I would blend perfectly in the food court because my orange shirt matched the seats. Well when I'm with you I always end up laughing out loud because you have such a natural sense of humor which amuses me to no end.
The best part of the night though (for me anyway) was you insisting on meeting my parents and my sister at my cozy little loft. I'm overwhelmed really. I still can't believe you insist on doing things the proper way. Honestly I was nervous but everything went fine judging from the warm response of my family to your learned presence. Proof: my parents were up way past their bed time talking to you. It was best you left when you got the chance because my parents have a tendency to talk, talk and just talk if you don't interrupt them. They were impressed by your stock knowledge of historical facts well I guess you should know these tidbits, you mold the impressionable minds of students for a living.
I hope you like the kisses I gave you. I'm referring to the Hershey chocolate kisses I bought for you from one of the duty free shops at Subic. I know you will be busy once classes start June 13 so probably our dates won't be as frequent as I want them to be.

Nevertheless thanks for being such an inspiring presence in my life! =)

Bonne Nuit,

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