Thursday, June 28, 2007

Several highs and 1 low
Yesterday was a very good day.
My review of "Zodiac" got published, well online anyway.

Rach of "My Soulful Thoughts" awarded me with a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. Thanks Rach!
Daphne - Honest, straightforward, independent, adventurous and free-spirited. Those are only some of the positive traits that I admire about Daphne. She loves watching films and makes excellent reviews. Her experiences in living in different countries have molded her into a well-rounded and strong individual.

I managed to snag a project which will keep me busy.

Arrangements for my trip next week are on track. Yay!

I updated the "My Life" page because it was composed almost 3 years ago.

DF's unwavering support continues to inspire me. I consider him my lucky charm because ever since I met him, everything seem to simply fall into place. Certainly in my career but most especially it is reassuring to know that my sarcastic and stoic heart is still capable of falling in love. Phew!


Why is there always a "but"?
I regret to announce that my computer has once again gone bonkers. I knew there was a catch! I wonder if it is time to max out my already badly bruised credit card and simply buy a new one. Eeeps!

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