Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A short pants story
I'm always in jeans when I travel. How boringly plain! Since my sister and I are off to some R & R next week, I decided to go shopping for alternative attires. Yes, I'm tired of wearing my usual jeans and tee form of clothing. I told myself I was going to buy pedal pushers or those pants whose length is half way between your knees and your ankles.

The problem is I'm short.

So I either end up looking like I'm wearing normal pants which shrank (bitin) or the tailor ran out of clothing material to complete the pants. I also prefer my pedal pushers to be more form fitting instead of the ones with flares wide enough to be used as a broom. So this past weekend, I spent it mostly in fitting rooms at the malls trying on an assortment of pedal pushers in varying styles and colors. Some of them fit me perfectly in the waist area but their length were questionable. But most of them looked ridiculously funny on me. I kept wishing I was some long legged model instead of a stocky midget.

I guess it pays to be persistent, I was victorious in my quest. Yay! I managed to buy two pedal pushers (beige and dark blue) which in my humble opinion looks presentable enough to show off in pictures (expect tons of them!) while I'm exploring yet another region in our beloved country. I'm excited to wear them as well as discover the beguiling attractions up north, I just hope that PMS won't ruin my holiday!

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