Friday, June 15, 2007

No, I'm not referring to my current romantic liaison although in some quarters, it might seem that I was committing too fast. I'm not going to justify my actions to a select few (they don't read my blog anyway) who don't know the real score nor the history of this relationship. I'm not ready to blog about it, just yet. So hold your horses a bit more.

I digressed.

I was alluding to the fact that these past few days seem to pass by like a hurricane rammed through the 4 walls of my bedroom. The fact that I was caught totally unaware by the sudden crash of my hard drive is now hitting me head on. It is painful to realize all those accumulated files like tons of pictures, mp3s and whathaveyous have vanished into thin air. Never would I have the chance to listen to some old French songs I searched endlessly for online. Nor would I have the opportunity to gaze again upon a very special memento of a past relationship. Not that it matters now but it helps to be nostalgic once in a while. I know I have no one to blame except myself. I should have known better and saved and backed up every single data that accumulated in little Neo. It is unfathomable to think that I of all people who takes pride in being extra careful and painfully meticulous in life would slack off and be totally careless. Oh well! It is useless crying over spilled milk. No, wait - I did cry!

So far I've sent hours uploading some programs as well as downloading some soft wares from the Internet then updating all of them. Imagine doing all that while you are blessed cursed with a dial up connection. Misery thy name is dial up! It is tedious, it takes forever and oh so boring but my geek persona is having fun despite the fact that I now have eye bags the size of soggy peppermint tea bags.

Moral lesson:
Always back up all your data! Go on do it now! Stop reading this post - save and save away and save some more! =)

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