Saturday, June 16, 2007

My now usual Saturday missive

Mon Cheri D,
OK so I'm still reeling from our phone call last night. That was quite a revelation but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so sincerely open with me. It is refreshing (for me anyway) to be in a relationship with a guy who likes to talk about his feelings. There was a reason I called my former beau Mr Indifference, he hardly talked. Anyways I just want to say don't worry about it causing any problems in our relationship, I am a very fair and understanding person, if I may say so myself. You have my full support!

I feel very blessed and I am thankful to God for having met you. Little did I think that our paths would cross again. We had already exchanged a fair amount of emails after I first got your message on Friendster sometime in 2005. Then you vanished. Yes, I was hurt and felt abandoned when you pulled a disappearing act on me for 14 months. Yes I counted them, I have a thing with time frames. I wondered what happened to you, if you were alright and whether you were still alive. So imagine my utter surprise when you resurfaced out of the blue through my inbox on the first day of this year. I was wary, I didn't know how to react. I expressed my disappointment in my very long email reply to you. I accepted your apology. You acknowledged your mistake. Then we made Globe Telecom much richer with our endless text messages. Then PLDT's cash flow registered an all time high from our twice daily phone calls. We already completed each other's sentences that when I finally got to meet you for real, I felt completely at ease with your charming presence. I believe the deal was sealed on the night you met my parents. I was so nervous I could have melted in a huge pile of sweat. But you D, you aced it. You told me later you felt at home. Well you were and you are!

I now understand you much better after you revealed to me last night, the real reason for you bailing out on me. This is in the past now, I am willing to focus on the future. Our future together where ever the path will lead us. I realize I am a bit rusty when it comes to expressing my true feelings, please just give me some time. You, on the other hand sometimes make my head spin like crazy with the information overload you feed me. I need time to process these thoughts then learn to deal with them for our mutual benefit. Surely this is all still very fresh and tinged with renewed promises. I confess I am overwhelmed beyond belief. Sometimes I'm awed by this explosion of varied emotions. But I am not going anywhere. I promise to work towards fulfilling our commitment to each other to the best of my ability. Thanks for being you! =)
Talk to you later!


So the few readers of this blog won't go seek your picture on my Friendster account, I'm posting it here. Yes that's really him in full suspended glory! He jumped several times so his friend could capture the perfect shot. =)

By the way, D you look much better in person! ;-)

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