Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 4 - Laoag City: Lightening the North (July 7, 2007)
By this time our fourth day, exhaustion and tired achy muscles had set in. But since it was our last day there, we woke up early. We had a hearty breakfast then explored Laoag City, on foot. Laoag means "light" in the Ilokano dialect. So yes the sun was blazing hot yet the city was bustling with people even though it was a Saturday. We even saw a long funeral procession snaking its way through the center of town. The two memory cards for the digicam were full so I was left with my low resolution cellphone camera to snap some last minute shots of Laoag City.

Sights and sounds of Laoag City

My sojourn to the Ilocos Region was short and oh so hectic. I'm sure there are a lot more places I could have explored. But I had a great time. It was very poignant for me to see those old churches which are a valid remembrance of our colorful heritage. They also reflect our rich culture that evolved from the Spanish occupation of our nation. More so I feel totally blessed to have been given this opportunity to discover just how beautiful the Philippines really is. =)

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