Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yet another love letter
Dear Hon,

I know you are tired from a long week at work with your full teaching load so I appreciate the fact that you spend your weekends with me. "Die Hard 4" wasn't bad nor was it good either, just OK if you ask me. You were correct in comparing Bruce Willis to a cat. It seems he has nine lives that no matter how hard the villains try to eliminate him, he triumphs against all odds. Heh.
I'm glad that you liked our dinner at Super Bowl. Boy, you have quite an appetite huh? You finished your entire bowl of Seafood Rice Toppings while me well you know I eat like a bird, sometimes.
Thanks for being on your best behaviour when we get back to my condo and my father is still awake. Honey, contrary to your assumption, he doesn't wait up for me, he really likes to unwind in front of the TV after dinner. He also likes talking with you, you both have this natural ability to just talk about anything and everything under the sun. I know that you know we rather be doing something else on the couch but hmmm OK well never mind, maybe some other time? Yes I'm bad!
Oh by the way, can you please be on time the next time we meet up? I mean geez honey I know you live in another zip code. It takes you several rides to reach my neck of the woods but perhaps you can leave early to make the Rendez Vous on time? But alright I admit I just pretend to be upset because the truth is the minute I see your smiling face, my heart melts. My anger dissipates the moment you hold my hand. Yes I know I can be easily appeased but only you have that effect on me. I probably don't say this as often as I should but I love you and I hope you know that by now.

Bonne Nuit,

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