Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm back!
Phew what an eventful trip. Our Cebu Pacific flight was delayed by 40 minutes. It is frustrating to stare into blank space while waiting for the plane to take off. Ugh!
Then I got really sick on my first night in Vigan. I was very delirious from an unbelievably high fever. Yikes!
On the second day in Vigan, I experienced a memorable calesa ride. My first time ever to ride a horse drawn carriage. Yay!
Third day the almost 2 hours bus ride from Vigan to Laoag was as bouncy as a ball being tossed around in a basketball courtyard. Eeeps!
But it was followed by a 5 hour tour of some of the most gorgeous churches in Ilocos Norte. My little heart was so happy because I am quite fond of old churches.
This specific tour enveloped me with a sense of calmness and deep spirituality which will be embedded in my mind, forever.
The whole trip was exhausting but well worth it. Pictures and stories to be posted as soon as I reload Photoshop (to resize the images) into my newly repaired computer.

Now, it's time I go see my Honey! ;)

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