Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mall Rat
My sister is out of town. DF is at work, naturally.
I was bored. I was restless.
So I go to the mall, where else? Not just any mall, though.
The newest one all the way in Quezon City.
Yes, you got it right. I went to Trinoma.
It is oh so far. Me going to Quezon City is like me going to another planet.
It is oh so huge. Good thing I was wearing comfy walking shoes.
It is oh so freezing cold. But as DF can attest, the colder the mall, the better for Little Miss active sweat glands Me.
But I like its layout. I like how spacious it feels. The fact that people won't encroach on my personal space is a huge issue for me when I go malling.
So after doing the rounds of Trinoma with its slick new look, I needed to go back to familiar grounds. Minutes later, I found myself at The Podium, munching on California Maki and Crunky Kani Maki at this new Japanese restaurant on the 5th floor. Well I assume it is new since the last time I went there, there was another restaurant in its place. Lolo Mao, if I'm not mistaken.

Yes I had a fairly good day!

Who says a single gal can't have fun all by her lonesome self?

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