Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A new toy
Acer Aspire
This past Saturday, I was out with DF when my sister frantically texted me that her Fujitsu Lifebook went to laptop heaven. She was extremely frustrated and very distraught because she was in the middle of writing her article and has several deadlines looming this week. But no amount of tinkering, rebooting or hair pulling could revive her Lifebook. Sunday, we made the rounds of several computer shops to canvass and check out the prices of all sorts of laptops. Yesterday after much agonizing and soul searching moments, she finally decided on this shiny new laptop - the Acer Aspire TM6291-101G16.
She is happy with her purchase. She was up all night exploring its features. We also snag a free HP Printer. Woohoo! I am happy that she is happy. Never mind the big dent in our wallets. I am willing to pay half of its price, because I'm a great sister, if I may say so myself. Plus I get to use it too whenever my little Neo acts like a petulant brat. Teehee! =)

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