Monday, July 30, 2007

A rainy Monday afternoon post
I've done my household chores for today. I've yet to write reviews of two films I watched weeks ago. I'm not really in the right frame of mind to critique films right now. I need to be in a special place to do that. It is difficult to explain really. So I'm here worried how D is going to get home during this heavy downpour after he has had a long day of giving lectures until he gets hoarse. The power is fluctuating like crazy. I can barely hear my windows media player as the sound of the rain is blocking out the love ballads on my play list. Somehow I managed to write a really long email to my BFF trying to cheer him up. But frankly there isn't much to cheer about in his marital situation. The mental drain it takes to compose an email can be quite taxing to my already cloudy brain cells.
Actually I am no longer in a daze. I can see clearly now. I know what I want. The only "hindrance" is convincing me, myself and I that the journey towards achieving my goal is not as scary as I make it out to be. I now realize it pays to take a huge leap of faith, just go ahead and take risks. At the same time, I am encouraged and very thankful I have a loving partner willing to support me no matter what. Alright I will stop being sentimentally emotional. I like to end this post with a song that speaks to my heart. It is an old song by The Association entitled "Never My Love"

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