Sunday, July 29, 2007

Warning: Mushy tone alert
Yes brace yourself I'm going to post yet another lovey dovey letter to my honey. So you can either roll your eyes but continue reading or proceed to the next blog in your list to escape from my sugar laden post for today. =)

Dear Hon,
Every morning, the first thing I do is send you a text message to wish you a pleasant day. It's a routine I can do with my eyes closed. Since you are such a sweet person, you either reply back right away or in between your teaching periods. All your SMS are peppered with the L word.
I simply love the way you love me. During our dates, I feel safe when you put a protective arm around me when it gets crowded. You never tire of fanning me when we are in church because yes unfortunately, I do sweat a lot. I 'blame' my parents for bestowing that gene to me. Oh well!
I like that you carry my shopping bags even though I insist I can carry it myself. It is my stubborn streak of character. Good thing though you don't insist on carrying my handbag which is something I never understood whenever I see guys carrying their significant other's handbag. What's up with that?
The way you lift my hand when we are about to step off the escalator is amusing. I know it is something one does to a little child but what the heck I find it sweet!
You even asked me if you were walking too fast or too slow for that matter because you don't want me to start sweating when we go malling. Well thanks for asking Honey but it seems that even if I don't exert any effort I would perspire. Quel horror!
You laughed at me when I turned really red from blushing, yesterday. Well what did you expect? You teased me by stating when we strolled by the 'Having a baby' shop "Hon, that pink maternity dress would look really nice on you, some time next year!" Yikes! First you got me hyperventilating when you blurted out the M word, now you got me all flustered at another M word (maternity).
But aha I got my 'revenge' much later when we had our after dinner drinks (coffee) at Seattle's Best. When the barista asked for my name, I deliberately said "Mrs Fxxxxx". The look on your face was priceless. Hehehe! Then I had to stop myself from leaning closer, grabbing your face and french kiss you in front of the coffee drinking crowd when you were talking about our future together. I know you are conservative and cringe at over the top PDA (public display of affection) but really I had to summon all the Gods of self control from embarrassing you. I grew up in Europe, remember? Over the top PDA doesn't bother me at all. Teehee!

Seriously, hon, these little nuances make our relationship such a joy to experience. I'm oh so happy. My little heart is content. Thanks for being so adorable!

Je t'aime,

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