Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If there is a laptop, there will be a blog entry. Well not exactly my own laptop but you know what I mean
I'm glad this heavy downpour from "Chedeng" will somehow minimally increase our dwindling water supply at the dams but seriously it ruins my planned dates with D. Since most of you who commented in my previous entry don't mind me continuously yapping about my dates, here it goes.
Our or rather my original plan for today, Wednesday (D's day off) was for us to watch a foreign film at Cinemanila which opens today at the Gateway Cineplex. But lo and behold, the heavens above seem to have other plans which supersedes my clever idea to drag my beau to read subtitles. You know a guy loves you when he is willing to sit in a freezing cold movie theater to watch a film in a language he doesn't comprehend. Thus he will be forced to read tiny, fast moving subtitles to grasp the film.
So boo hoo here I am using my sister's brand new Acer laptop ranting about my canceled postponed date. Although there is nothing more romantic than snuggling together under a small umbrella (I do have big parasol type of umbrellas but I expressly use small ones!) when it rains, the mere thought(s) I would get stranded without any public transport, stuck in horrendous traffic or worse in knee high or even waist high bubonic plague infested flood waters doesn't appeal to me, at all.

So rain rain go away, D & D want to play oops I meant D & D want to date. =)

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