Sunday, August 12, 2007


Dear Hon,
Since I'm a date obsessed person, I pointed out to you that yesterday, August 11 was our 2nd month together as a couple. But honestly it feels like 2 years already and you wholeheartedly agreed with my statement.
How appropriate that we would watch a movie with the word "2" in it at the CineManila. Specifically "2 Jours en Paris" which translates to "2 Days in Paris", my favorite city in the world. The insightful French rom-com (romantic comedy) starring, written and directed by Julie Delpy of "Before Sunset" fame. I loved the film. But what I love more is the fact that you enjoyed it as well. In fact when we were discussing the movie over dinner at Teriyaki Boy, your acute observations about certain aspects of the film were right on the dot. Wow Hon, you can critique films too but ah just stick to your day job, ok? Movie reviewing is my category! Yes, that's me being territorial. But really I was pleasantly surprised at your keen eye to notice the hidden meaning behind certain scenes. Bravo!
By the way, thanks for going through the trouble of picking me up from home then accompanying me through the maze of link ways connecting the Cubao MRT station to the Gateway Mall. I'm such a spoiled brat (at least I admit it), I haven't ridden the MRT in ages. But yehey I got to our destination in one piece. Of course, I was ably guided by your protective arm the entire time.
As I knelt down in prayer during the anticipated Mass at Edsa Shrine, I once again thanked God for blessing me with your presence in my life. Here's to more anniversaries to celebrate together. Hey, next time let's have balloons. That was really really hilarious. Yes I'm naughty! But hey you were naughty too. While we are strolling at the mall, each time you saw balloons, you'd poke me in the ribs, wink then start giggling. Awww the readers have no idea what I am babbling about. I guess they have to watch the film to get the joke, no? Enuff said!

Je t'aime,

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