Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peek a boo!
Missed me?
If your answer is yes, well thanks.
If your answer is no, whatever I don't care!
So anyhow, here's a new template to signal my comeback from my hibernation!
I will keep this short because:
1) I got a date with D this afternoon.
2) I need to pack for our trip (my sister and me) to Cebu and Bohol on Monday. Probably do it tomorrow, last minute as usual! But yay, I'm so excited! =)

So aside from gloating about my trip next week, I just want to announce that Friday, September 28 is D's birthday. A day I wish I was in town to celebrate with him but alas I'll be in Cebu. I planned for this trip way before he became a significant part of my life.

Advanced Happy Birthday my honey bunch, I love you very much! =)

He doesn't read my blog nor does he know of its existence. I figure he would disown me for this very public (blogging) display of saccharine affection so let's just play safe and keep this among ourselves. Ok!

See you all when I get back from Cebu.

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