Monday, November 26, 2007

The first thing I noticed when I entered D's place was that he had curtains instead of blinds. So I added blinds on my items to buy list.

Terry's Fabrics is an online store that sells all sorts of blinds. I didn't know there were various styles of blinds. It was only when I check out their website that I learned they come in categories like Venetian, Roller, Roman, Roman Blinds kit, Vertical and Wooden Blinds.
Terry's Fabrics has a comprehensive website that explains each type/style of the blinds with sample pictures. It also familiarizes us with the accessories like head rail, fixing brackets and blind slats. They offer valuable tips so you know which type of blinds best suits the window(s) in each room of your house. The blinds come in different colors and fabrics so they can blend with the walls.
Once you have chosen a particular blinds, you can customize your order. Details like color, length, width as well as sample pictures are all neatly presented on the order form. So no matter the motif of your home, there are various blinds to match your windows. You can mix and match them or you can use just one type for your entire house. The possibilities are endless!

*This is a paid review*

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