Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last October, my sister gifted me with an E-See Club card. This 'ATM" card allows me to book movie tickets online or over the phone at the Shang Cineplex. I also earn rewards points each time I buy a movie ticket using my E-See Club card. The perfect gift for a movie buff like me. I got my card last October 27 and was issued 3 coupons. They entitled me to 1 free regular movie, 1 free 45 grams plain buttered popcorn and my choice of iced tea or lemonade. The coupons were valid for one month. Since then, things have been quite hectic both physically and emotionally for me (i.e my engagement and my impending wedding). I totally forgot about the coupons until I woke up this morning to check my wallet for coins. The coupons fell out and I was alarmed to find out today was the last day. I promptly checked the film schedules at the Shang Cineplex -"Enchanted", "Hitman", "Beowulf" and "One More Chance" were showing. Ah movies I won't watch even if you held a gun to my head. The only mildly interesting one or should I say tolerable one was "Enchanted" - a fairy tale with a twist with embedded animation bits along with some singing and dancing sequences. Yes, a Disney production. Much to my surprise I enjoyed it but mostly due to the swooning presence of Patrick Dempsey, Dr McDreamy himself! So I had an enchantingly free movie experience, after all!

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