Monday, November 19, 2007

Let there be light
I have this particular quirk that restaurants need to be brightly lit or else I won't eat there. This attitude also extends to my home. My surroundings especially my work place needs to be well illuminated. One of the items I check out when I go to home stores are lamps. I can spend one whole day just admiring these house fixtures. offers a wide variety of lamps. It is a one stop online lighting store. You can browse through categories from price range, by brand, style, finish to different types like table lamps and torchieres which are indoor portable lighting which you can move to any area. Take your pick, put it into your shopping cart, fill in your payment details and have it shipped right to your house. How very convenient! I had so much fun clicking away choosing from their wide range of lamps and lamp shades of different shapes and sizes, function and colors. There are thousands of lamps to choose from, it is mind boggling!
I intend to bring all my lamps to my new 'home' so it will be bright and cheerful. D just needs to brace himself once he sees our electricity bill. Teehee!

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