Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Step!
I told myself I won't let this week past without making at least one booking for my wedding. I've been making phone calls to churches inquiring about the requirements, the cost and the procedure. All these pieces of information, I diligently write in a notebook.

Yesterday, I dragged D to accompany me for a look see at a couple of churches. Our plan was to meet at around 2:30pm so we would have enough time to check out 2 churches. It turns out his family called long distance and they had quite a lengthy phone call. After all, they are excited too with the news of our nuptials. So by the time he finally showed up at 3:45 pm, I gave myself an ulcer. My mind went into panic mode as per my calculations, we won't make it to either of the churches. The traffic situation being horrendous in our beloved nation.

We get to Villa San Miguel (The Archbishop's Palace) just before 4:30pm. We had to wait a few minutes for the concerned person to attend to our inquiries. Actually, this visit was just to get an idea of the area. Frankly I wasn't too keen on it knowing that they don't provide a priest to officiate at the ceremony. It was already 5:20pm when we got to our second choice. We just took a chance to see if they were still open. And thankfully, they were. So it is all systems go for May 15, 2008 10 AM at the San Lorenzo Ruiz chapel, Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace. The date when the most eligible bachelor in Q.C weds the most eligible bachelorette in M.C! he he he (crazy joke D came up with!)


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