Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pasa Load
Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are D's off days for this semester. The rest of the week he works from 7:30 AM to 6 PM. Great! And we got a wedding to plan!

OK maybe not.

No don't get me wrong, we are still getting married next year! I meant we don't really need to plan for it or so I keep telling myself. So far, we have decided to just find a priest who will be willing to marry us in some chapel or church without the frills of having bridesmaids, sponsors and whatever it is you need at these ceremonies. Only my parents and sister would be present. His parents (they are already too old to travel) and his siblings are all in the US of A. He hates the idea that he has to invite the whole university where he teaches to the wedding. Our 'reception' kuno would be at Teriyaki Boy. Then we check into the Linden Suites for our honeymoon.

I know people would say hmmm it is just one day why don't you splurge a little? Or worse, he must be poor he cannot afford an elaborate wedding. The thing is the less stress the better it is for me. I don't function well in stressful situations. I cry my eyes out. A bride with puffy eyes on her wedding day is not a good sign, I tell you! When I emailed my friend to consult her about the preparations, I read her reply twice, went on a brief panic mode then I forwarded the email to D so *he* would do everything. In other words, I 'pasa load' - I passed the load of planning the wedding to him. Teehee!

It is more important for me to plan for the marriage instead of the wedding. I rather spend on improving the little apartment we would call our conjugal home. And believe me, the place does need a LOT of improvement. The minute I stepped into D's place I was already thinking on how to renovate the whole apartment. After all, I would be working from home so it is imperative I make it as comfortable as possible. Since D works such long hours, the thought that I would be all alone for hours on end is already stressing me out, this early. D has been teasing me constantly that I might start to cry out of loneliness being stuck in that tiny place the whole day. Well, I just need to prove him wrong, won't I? Either that or I have an hour and a half to dry my tears the minute he texts me he is on his way home. Ehem!

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