Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

A few years ago, I took a short term course in web design in a computer school located in the Shaw Boulevard area. Our final 'thesis' was to design an interactive e-commerce web page from scratch. I remember spending sleepless nights and getting very frustrated trying to get my website to work.

I know that if I had this e-commerce software available to me back then, it would have been a big help in finalizing my project. Ashop Commerce provides a very vital tool in any online store, the shopping cart. Their website is well designed with comprehensive information about the mechanics in setting up an e-commerce store. Their tech support and customer service are always ready to answer all your enquiries. You can also use a trial version of their shopping cart software for 10 days to familiarize yourself with their product. They make it all seem so easy! It is a one stop solution for all your e-commerce needs.

By the way, I am ashamed to admit that I simply gave up and failed to submit my final project for that course. Another one of those tasks I've left pending because I lost interest. It's the story of my life, really.

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