Friday, February 15, 2008

After the loving
I mean after the rest of the world celebrated hearts day yesterday, today it was our turn.

Valentine's day I spent it trying all sorts of outfits in fitting rooms at Trinoma. It has to be said that this Ayala owned mall is located in D's neck of the woods. He had work from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. But he knew I would be there, shopping to my heart's content. I dropped several hints by texting him several times during the day. But what to do? The guy doesn't have a single romantic bone in his body. Later that evening when I was dead tired from my fitting room sorties, he tells me over the phone "Ay sana nga pala dumaan ako sa Trinoma sandali bago umuwi para nagkita tayo". ("Oh I should have dropped by Trinoma before I went home so we could have seen each other") Well duh such an afterthought! Besides as far as I know his name certainly isn't Susana (Ay sus sana!) But I cannot really change him (nor do I want to) so I will just accept him as he is - a non romantic dude.

Side story - in case you are wondering why we chose May 15, 2008 as our special day. Here's the narrative. June 11 is officially our anniversary. But since June marks the start of the school year, we decided to move it by a month. May 11 is a Sunday and somehow I don't like the idea of getting hitched on weekends. There is some fable about Mondays not being a good day to marry. Tuesdays is the Sorrowful mysteries of the Holy Rosary. My sister's car is color coded on Wednesdays. While my father's car is coded on Fridays. Ergo that left us with Thursday - May 15, 2008 which suits me just fine. It is pay day. It also gives us at least 2 weeks to wear each other out ooops I meant we will have ample time to adjust to each other flaws before he goes back to work for the start of a brand new school year.

Now back to our date. He is off on Fridays. Today marks exactly 3 months before our wedding. We had lunch at Pancake House in Galleria. Since it is a Lenten Friday, I ordered the Smoked Golden Tinapa. It is served with a fried egg on top of the rice and a mango and tomato salad. D had the Daing na Bangus with mushroom soup. Our conversation was pretty animated as we kept teasing each other about the final stretch. Then we went to submit our wedding banns and the permit from our local parish priest to the church where we will wed. Then I wanted to watch a film. It was either "Juno" or "There will be Blood". The latter meant going all the way to Gateway Cineplex. So even if there is a tinge of red involved in the Daniel Day Lewis starrer, we settled for a film about teenage pregnancy. I know it isn't really a date movie, either. But at this stage, I believe we don't really need to watch romantic films to affirm our relationship. Besides I highly doubt he will suddenly develop a romantic gene from watching romantic comedies.

I have 3 months to enjoy being single. The countdown begins ... tick ... tick ... tick away.

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