Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yesterday I told my mother I was going to watch a movie (The Darjeeling Limited) by my lonesome self, she asked me "Pinapayagan ka ba ni D manood mag-isa?" ("Does D allow you to watch by yourself?").


First of all, D works on Saturdays so even if he could join me, he couldn't. He knows how much I love to watch movies so he doesn't really hold it against me if I watch without him.

Secondly - I have for the longest time always be independent. So if I want to watch a movie and I cannot find a suitable companion to tag along with me for whatever reason it might be, then by all means I buy a ticket for one! I don't really care if I am seated all alone. It doesn't bother me. I watch because I am interested in the film not what people might think when they see someone all alone in a theater.

Thirdly - I certainly don't conform to the idea that now that I am in a relationship, we need to do everything together, all the time. I don't restrict D's activities, either, In fact when I found out that his friends wanted to host a stag party for him, I encouraged D to go for it. Now if D himself is not comfortable with it then let it not be said that I was the one who prevented him from having a good time. He can be quite staid, sometimes.

Lastly - yes, a silly question deserves a long winded violent reaction from yours truly. By the time I was done explaining my stance, all my poor mother could say was "Ok just be sure you tell D where you're at".

This would have triggered another response of how I don't need to account for every single minute of my day to my fiance but enough said I just switched my cellphone to silent mode.

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