Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lenten season
Today is Ash Wednesday which marks the start of the Lenten Season. Last year I did not blog for 40 days. This year it is imperative I blog about every single moment which leads to my upcoming nuptials. So I can look back and tell myself wow how on earth did I survive that?

Ok I'm being overdramatic, I am doing just fine, so far.

I am thankful I have the sustaining support of my family. As well as my beloved D who continues to fill my heart with so much joy. I still swoon in his mere presence. I'm also amazed by his natural cheerful tendency to fill my existence with so much laughter and good positive energy. I sometimes pinch myself and ask what I did to deserve such a wonderful partner in life. This year, instead of sacrificing something for Lent, I will simply make a vow. A recent scare with D's health has been weighing heavily on my mind these past days. It has been agonizing as I called on all the saints in heaven and prayed like I've never prayed before in my life for him to be given a clean bill of health. But certain factors still worry me so I keep praying for strength. I hope I can be strong for D when he needs me the most. My vow is to be healthier spiritually, emotionally and most of all physically. Wish me luck in my endeavor!

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