Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Real Rankings
We blog for various reasons but whether we monetize our blogs or simply use it as a virtual diary, we hope we receive ample traffic so it won't seem like we are talking to ourselves. Finally there is a tool that analyzes our Blog Ranks. ranks bloggers based on actual traffic, site visits and unique visitors. After you sign up, you simply insert a javascript into your html code. Once you have verified ownership of the blog and chosen the category your blog belongs to, the device automatically takes over and starts accumulating the data. You choose whether you want to display pageviews and visitors or just your RealRank.

They also provide the IzeaRanks Badge code which you can prominently display anywhere on your blog. You may add as many blogs as you want. Plus, you can compare the rankings of your blog(s) with the more popular blogs by adding up to ten blogs. They provide true analysis of your stats through color coded charts. RealRank is a more accurate ranking than the other systems which rely on complicated samplings and link-weighting algorithm. It's based on real traffic! So sign up at and get a kick from watching the rankings of your blog.

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