Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen
My 5th edition: 13 reasons I will unfortunately be neglecting my blog in the coming months. But I will try to give progress updates from time to time.

13. I have movies to watch and review them on my other blog.

12. I have magazines and/or books to read. At the end of the day I like to clear the clutter from my mind and read in bed. Never mind if I fall asleep and hardly finish any of them.

11. I need to actually go for some medical tests. Nothing serious, don't worry. I just want to ensure I am in the pink of health.

10. I have to arrange my finances which means going to banks and filling up all types of forms.

9. I have to find a suitable apartment, our conjugal home.

8. Then transfer my junk things there.

7. But first I need to sort out which items I can dispose of and which items I cannot live without. So I won't suffer from separation anxiety.

6.I have to attend several seminars which would apparently help me become a responsible married person, kuno.

5. Go back and forth to the church to submit all the remaining requirements.

4. Get the invitations and misalettes printed then delivered to its rightful recipients.

3. Go for my gown fitting and make sure it looks good on me.

2. Try my darnest best not to lose my sanity, my temper and my poise before D day. Lest I end up looking like a raccoon instead of a blushing bride.

1. Lastly, I should prepare myself mentally, physically, spiritually for the next chapter in my life. With everything going on, I haven't really taken some time off (yeah like I can really afford to take time off now!) to fully process this big leap of fate. This journey I am embarking on with my eyes wide open and my feet firmly on the ground. Even though in the silence of my heart I truly know it is meant to be. In the words of my friend who emailed me with good wishes, she said:

"I am sure you have found the right partner who may not be perfect but “who is not only good to you but good for you as well”. "

I say Amen to that! =)

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