Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Comfort Food
Lately, I've been crazily gorging on Vietnamese food like my life depended on it. Specifically at Pho Hoa restaurant. Every time, my sister and I go out to attend to my wedding arrangements, I would always insist on eating at Pho Hoa. It is a given. She doesn't have to ask me where I want to have lunch, merienda (snack) or a late dinner. I only have to bat my beautiful eyes at her complete with a wide grin and she will immediately lead me to the nearest outlet of this tasty and affordable Vietnamese eating establishment. So far we have eaten at their Megamall, Edsa Shangri-la, Trinoma, Gateway and even as far as their SM Mall of Asia branches. Yes we seem to be hopping all over the metropolis, lately.

Since I now have the appetite of a beached whale (eh due to all the walking and not because I am eating for two people, ehem just to clear that up!) I can devour one large order of their noodle soup no. 38 by my glutton self. As well as feast like a famished wolf on several pieces of their fresh spring rolls and their lettuce wrapped fried spring rolls. Then I still have room for their mango pudding.

Even as I write this blog entry, I am salivating and thinking of our next sortie to the mall where I can have my filling share of Vietnamese noodles.


By the way this is definitely not a paid post just the entry of a hungry person. =)

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