Saturday, March 15, 2008

Renewed Faith

A recap of what I did today, exactly 2 months before my nuptials. I woke up at the unholy hour of 6 A.M. on a Saturday. Believe me that is way too early for an insomniac night owl.

I met D at 8 A.M. sharp to register for the seminar on Christian doctrine which turns out is really scheduled for 9 A.M. We had a quick breakfast at Chow King. It was either there or at McDo's which were the only outlets open at the mall during that time.

We arrived back at the seminar venue a quarter to nine to find all the seats had been taken up so we were forced to sit in front. Really up close and personal to the facilitator's table and the microphone. I kept getting the microphone shove into my face and I cringed every time she asked me questions about catechism and biblical figures. Yes I kept giving the wrong answers. Boohoo!

It was rather interesting for me. I am not really well versed in catechism (that was a long time ago, I've forgotten everything) and bible passages. To my surprise, D has a stock knowledge fit for a seminarian I was really impressed!

It lasted about 3 and a half hours. Some topics were discussed thoroughly while other subject matters lacked more in depth analysis, imho. It doesn't help that both D and I have analytical minds which goes into overdrive every 5minutes. So most of the time I would pick out (only in my head,ok!) grammatical errors, syntax problems and regional mispronunciations of certain phrases. Such amusement for me and it turns out for D too.

But I did learn many tenets about what it takes to be a good Christian. Specifically since most of the attendees were first time parents who had to take the same seminar before the baptism of their child.

I was shocked though that they impose such a strict policy before baptism. My parents were never required to attend seminars before my sister and I were baptised. But it does renew your faith. It makes you learn the significance of all the sacraments. Something we all need to re-evaluate from time to time.

After the seminar was done, there was a short discussion where we were divided into groups to give our feedback on the seminar. The people in my group were really young parents and didn't have any valuable input to contribute. So I was voted as the speaker for our group. One even commented that he mostly slept throughout the entire seminar. Such blasphemous temerity!

I had an idea what to speak about yet ended up groping for words. BUT I still got my point across. It even turned into a tirade against the use of cellphones during the Eucharistic mass which I vehemently hate with every bone in my body.

D laughed (not while I was speaking in front) and told me I sounded like an elder scolding young people simply because of my pet peeve. Pfft!
He should be so lucky and I'd say smart. He assigned someone else in his group to do the talking when clearly he's the lecturer in the bunch.

It was my turn to laugh when he told me that most of the 'kids' in his group were addressing him as 'po' and 'oho'. This indicates how old we really are. We were the oldest attendees in the seminar. Well *he* was the oldest! I don't look my age, o di ba?

Then we had lunch at Mangan while discussing and figuring out just how we can get everything done with only 2 months to go! I'm glad he can still remain calm and collected despite my panicked insanity breathing down his neck.

We ended the day by attending the anticipated Palm Sunday Mass even though it isn't even Sunday yet.

Guess why?

Yes, he wants to watch the much touted boxing match tomorrow, live. Since I'm such a considerate (aha I keep bringing that up, don't I?) fiancee I gave in to his request. Yet I will still go to Palm Sunday mass with my family tomorrow to be blessed twice. God knows I need it!

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